Step 1

Our trained interviewers assess the caller's situation and determine the most appropriate way to proceed.

Step 2

The caller is then either referred to a LRIS panel attorney, government agency or community resource, depending on the nature of the legal problem.

Step 3

If the caller is referred to an attorney, the first half-hour of the attorney-client consultation will cost no more than $20.00.

Milwaukee Lawyer Referral Service

Finding your way through the legal system is difficult. Many people don't know where to turn when a legal problem arises. For 150 years the Milwaukee Bar Association has helped people navigate through the legal process to ensure that all in the community have access to justice.
Our most successful community program is the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). The LRIS is a FREE over the phone referral service for anyone that has a legal question or is seeking to obtain legal counsel.

Thank you very much for this referral. The attorney was excellent to talk to and took more time than I expected in our discussion. He offered me several avenues to take and was courteous and professional. I actually enjoyed talking with him.

- Jasper Combs

The Milwaukee Bar Association quickly referred me to an excellent attorney who settled my contract issue within a week.

- Rob

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